Guest Review: Mr Holly on Carlito’s Way (1993)


If Carlito’s Way was an automobile, it would be an Oldsmobile 442. A hardcore, edge-of-your-seat ride which no-one knows about; always in the shadow of its mainstream counterpart (the Mustang and Heat (1995) respectively). Despite being a nose-picking, bum-numbing 138 mins the picture delivers an intelligent, well-delivered portrayal of the Big Apple’s 1970’s underworld.

With more twists than a gimp’s nipple, the film tells the story of Carlito ‘Charlie’ Brigante’s ploy to become clean after a five-year stint behind bars. In debt to the lawyer who saw his sentence reduced, the main  theme focusses on Carlito’s loyalty to his on-edge, on-drugs brief. Staying on a straight but VERY narrow path, Carlito attempts to escape his past life, despite staying true to his old-skool morals.

With more drink consumed than Oliver Reed on a chat show and more drugs than a night out at a hippy festival, this well acted bundle of joy is more in-your-face than an eye-watering egg fart in a packed lift.

While watching this gem I briefly tried to figure out where Carlito  resides, before settling for a hard drink over ice instead. By the end, this film left me with mixed emotions, reaching for the rest of the bottle,  satisfied.

Performance of the film – Al Pacino completely overshadows Penn with a brilliant display of tension-building facial expressions.

Quote of the film – Viggo Mortensen “Go ahead and kill me, you c********r.”

Fact of the film – This is the second epic Brian De Palma shootout in an inner-city train station.

Score/Soundtrack – Contemporary soundtrack perfect for the context of this film. The score emerges strongest during action scenes, peaking late on during the final chase.


Carlito’s Way is a hidden classic; watch it.  87/100

(Last watched 2 hours ago. Review by Mr Holly and Fuzzy.)



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Movie genius with ocd from england, Here we write mini movie segments with the aim of a slight chuckle from quickfire reviews.

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  2. Good to see this underrated film get the praise it deserves. I think it`s De Palma`s best film. Most of his movies veer wildly from brilliance to awfulness – often in the same scene – but this is pitch perfect. The acting`s great, the script is dark, witty & memorable and the whole thing is extremely stylish. Pacino`s performance gives a palpable sense of his characters regrets which makes you care about him. This makes the final credits which play to the sounds of `You are so beautiful` by Joe Cocker so heartbreaking

    • Thank you, it truely is a awesome flick that keeps you gripped. Joe Cocker/end credits= Bigfoot and the Hendersons, also perfectly placed music.

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