Video Krypt Introduces – Dave “Mr Holly” Thaine…

The Day the Earth Stood Still? Read an SMS review a few years ago.  The Night My Arse Couldn’t Sit Still.  As a one sentence review, it was almost as brilliantly pithy and concise as the two-word review for a Spinal Tap album: Shark Sandwich? Shit Sandwich.

The review came from my best friend and former flatmate, one of the most naturally gifted orators I’ve met.  I asked him if he would be interested in writing capsule reviews for Video Krypt, because I believe if he can transfer his gift of the gab into text, we could be looking at blogging gold!

Dave is new to this game, and I think he’s doing a fantastic job – I asked him to chip in with some capsule reviews, because I know not everyone is up for reading my big, long, wordy analysis of movies.

The two reviews I’ve posted so far on his behalf are his first attempts at film criticism, working closely with another friend, Liam Connolly…I respectfully request anyone reading Video Krypt to leave comments and constructive criticism, because I think he/they will be a valuable asset!


About leerobertadams

Lee is an English writer, blogger and film critic living in Brno, Czech Republic. When not watching and writing about movies, he loves football, reading, eating out, and enjoying his adopted home city with his girlfriend and baby daughter.

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