Welcome to the Video Krypt…

You will find all sorts of movie reviews, criticism, articles and bits n’ pieces on Video Krypt. I want to combine the critical eye of an adult who has (half) studied Film with my golden era of movie watching, the 80’s.

I’m talking about the days of biking round to the video shop, aged around nine or ten, with my parent’s rental card.  I spent hours poring over the stills on the back of VHS boxes, trying to decide which movie to rent.

It was well before Blockbusters, and the Lovefilm.com concept would be science fiction – but then this was also the time when Escape From New York could be set in 1997 and still seem like the distant future.

Video shops were an altogether more independent venture back then.  Ours was at the back of a corner shop on the estate.

Down the front was the penny sweets, fags and booze; a few rows of food in the middle, then out the back was the butchery.

Opposite the butchers was a wall of VHS tapes, and a smaller section of Betamax.

So while the BBFC and Mary Whitehouse were getting on their moral high horses about “Video Nasties”, middle-aged men were renting out 18 certificate films to ten year old kids out of the back of their convenience stores. Those were the days…

I’ll be reviewing all sorts of films, but I just wanted you to know, no matter what I say, somewhere inside me there will be a ten year old kid looking at the pictures on the back of the video box, fumbling with the 50p rental money in his pocket.

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